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Black enamel, circular-cut diamonds, gold, 38.0 cm, unsigned



Legnazzi is an Italian family of jewelers from the town of Valenza, in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, who have been creating wonderful jewelry in their workshops for over 100 years. Since 1911 the firm, now run by the fourth generation, has sought to produce innovative pieces with an emphasis on elegance, attention to detail, and awareness of the latest jewelry trends. From their earliest pieces of diamond jewelry, through the stylish floral brooches of the 1950’s and to the characterful pieces of today, Legnazzi has wisely responded to jewelry trends in order to provide fashion conscious woman with the perfect adornment. 

The present lot is from the bold and creative Safari collection, which features both literal and stylized interpretations of a variety of creatures, including snakes and alligators, as well as big cats, elephants and camels. Using diamonds, colored gemstones and enamel, these animals wind and prowl their way around necks, wrists and fingers. The menagerie is full of personality and movement and the pieces are both highly wearable and collectable. With such creative and bold designs, it is no wonder that the exquisite jewels of Legnazzi are popular not only in Italy, but throughout the world.


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